About Imego


Since our inception, establishing and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial links with other research and educational institutes has been given high priority. The following institutes and universities constitute a part of our extensive partner network.

Sensonor AS

When size, performance and robustness matter!
Sensonor Technologies design and manufacture advanced integrated Pressure - and Gyro sensors for high-precision applications based on MEMS technology. The products are designed to operate reliably in particularly harsh environments as regards vibration, shock and media. For the last 30 years, this company has served demanding customers with enabling solutions in aerospace, industrial, medical, defense, and automotive sectors with products from its own wafer fabrication, testing and assembly facilities. Sensonor will soon be offering non-cooled high-performance thermal imaging sensors (FPA’s).

Chalmers University of Technology

The Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience - MC2
Our proximity to, and collaboration with, Chalmers and the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, MC2 will have a decisive effect on Imego’s operations as it is here that the research and development of new functions and semiconductor materials will take place.
Visit Chalmers and MC2’s homepages.

Universeum, Gothenburg

The goal of Universeum is to make children interested in natural sciences and technology and so, in the long run, to increase competence within these areas. We are an active part of this process.Visit Universeum’s home page.

swereaIVF, Mölndal

swereaIVF’s (Institute for Production Research) proximity to and experience in collaborating with, companies at national and international levels, combined with its expertise, primarily when it comes to electronics packaging production, makes it an important business partner.

The Swedish Exhibition Centre

The faster the pace of developments, the more clearly the Swedish Exhibition Centre continues to consolidate its position as an efficient, personal venue at the cente of events. The Swedish Exhibition Centre is a complete partner that has transformed the exhibition medium into a fully integrated mix of potent resources for marketing and promotion, know-how enhancement, making contacts, disseminating information and, of course, selling. Visit Scanautomation’s and the Swedish Exhibition Centre’s homepages.

Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala

The Ångström Laboratory operations in the field of micromechanics are of high international class and make it a natural business partner for us. Visit Ångström Laboratory’s homepage.

Swedish ICT

In order to take a broad responsibility in relation to companies and socity the institutes within Swedish ICT, ACREO, INTERACTIVE INSTITUTE, SICS, VIKTORIA INSTITUTE, Santa Anna and IMEGO offers its collected competences.