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Welcome to the second edition of Sensing Knowledge, a newsletter from the Imego Institute in Göteborg, Sweden. This time with news on a brand new product, highlights from Intel's annual Developer Forum and a brief presentation of our involvement in regional SME programs.

Imego is specialized in micro- and nanotechnology sensor systems. Based on seven technical platforms, our sensor systems have been adapted and applied in areas as diverse as medicine, inertial navigation, biochemistry and wireless sensing for the building industry. We are now proud to present MERMAID, a new concept for material analysis!

First look

MERMAID - analysis of liquid and thin film properties

Imego has developed MERMAID, a measurement instrument for analysis of liquid and thin film properties using magnetoelastic resonance (MER) sensors. The MER sensor is either coated by or immersed in the substance under investigation. Dynamic events such as viscosity changes, phase transitions or biofilm growth on the surface of the MER sensor can be analyzed. The MERMAID is useful in many applications, such as food processing, biomedicine and polymer testing.

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Research & ideas

A world without wires?

In 2006, an M.I.T. research team demonstrated the possibility of wireless power transmission. At this year's Intel Developer Forum (August 19-21 in San Francisco), Intel researchers announced that progress is being made in their efforts to power a laptop wirelessly. Magnetic fields are used to broadcast up to sixty watts of power for short distances - two or three feet. Only 25% of the power is said to be lost in the transmission.

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Save the date!

COMS 2009 - Copenhagen, August 30 - September 2

COMS 2009 is the 14th annual conference on commercialization of micro- and nano-systems. The focus of the conference is on turning research and theory into commercial products. COMS 2009 is organized by The Technical University of Denmark (DTU Nanotech) in cooperation with Imego, The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) and The Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2) at Chalmers University of Technology.

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SME competence programs

We are committed to work with small to medium-sized enterprises in order to see them realize their full potential. Supplementing the educational structure is also a vital part of Imego's national role. Along with our own SME program, we are involved in two interesting regional programs.

Industrial Dynamics

Imego contributes to the expert network of Industrial Dynamics, a regional long-term program providing SME companies with easy access to qualified competence. The aim is to stimulate and facilitate the cooperation between industry and research resources and thereby improve growth and competitiveness of the companies. The program is financed by Västra Götalandsregionen.

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minST is the Swedish Knowledge Foundation’s program for educating SME companies about the opportunities offered by micro- and nanotechnologies. The aim is to utilize the new technology to increase companies’ profitability and belief in the future. The program is managed by Mälardalen University together with Imego and the research institute Acreo.

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